At One Gun Ranch, we farm according to biodynamic principles that produce healthy, mouthwatering food. We sow, plant and harvest according to the Moon, Sun, and planets. The farm itself is a living organism, and as such, all living things on the farm are reused and recycled back into the land.
     Scrumptious food starts with the soil it's grown in... our compost, which we refer to as Super(ior) Soil, is made on the land using biodynamic standards. Only the purest ingredients are used... dairy cows, revered in India, have unparalleled digestive systems that create nutrient filled manure. Alfalfa, deeply rooted, brings vital minerals to the mix. Using this soil guarantees sowing the most delicious, wholesome harvests... the tiniest tomatoes burst with flavor.
Chemical free. Additive free. Hormone free. Pesticide free.
     Homeopathic preparations such as yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak bark, dandelions, horsetail and valerian flowers are layered into the compost, making it healing and transformative. Best of all, your healthy food will taste superb.