In our Secret Garden, we provide a haven for children and adults to experience layering compost, using a biodynamic technique that is meditative in its process. In the Garden, we grow corn, beans, squash, rare peppers, herbs, baby vegetables, and pumpkins to make a deliciously healthy harvest soup in the Campfire Kitchen. Learn how to appreciate healthy foods and cultivate a deep understanding harvesting, cooking, and consuming clean, energy-enhancing food.
   We'll teach you how to garden in your backyard or balcony... you can plant using biodynamic methods anywhere, no matter how small the space. Our Garden is a hub of learning... on field trips – we invite children of all ages to learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle... Seedlings, Saplings & Sages (youngest-oldest) all develop an understanding of health and environmental stewardship. We are community driven with the goal of building a sustainable, “farm-to-fork” collaboration in Malibu. Fundraising events are underway to support children and animals in need.