In our Secret Garden, we provide a haven for children and adults to experience layering compost, using a biodynamic technique that is meditative in its process. In the Garden, we grow corn, beans, squash, rare peppers, herbs, baby vegetables, and pumpkins. Learn how to appreciate healthy foods and cultivate a deep understanding harvesting, cooking, and consuming clean, energy-enhancing food.
   We'll teach you how to garden in your backyard or balcony... you can plant using biodynamic methods anywhere, no matter how small the space. Our Garden is a hub of learning... on field trips – we invite children of all ages to learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle... Seedlings, Saplings & Sages (youngest-oldest) all develop an understanding of health and environmental stewardship. We are community driven with the goal of building a sustainable, “farm-to-fork” collaboration in Malibu. Fundraising events are underway to support children and animals in need.