At the ranch, we provide a haven for children and adults to experience layering compost, planting flats, transplanting, and harvesting the best food around town. Join us when we start a new compost pile, learn the biodynamic technique that is meditative in its process. In the garden, we grow corn, beans, squash, peppers, herbs, vegetables, pumpkins, as well as a wide variety of greens and micro leaves. Learn how to appreciate healthy foods and cultivate a deep understanding of harvesting, cooking, and consuming clean, energy-enhancing food. We'll teach you how to garden in your backyard or balcony...you can plant using biodynamic methods anywhere, no matter how small the space. Our Garden is a hub of learning…on filed trips- we invite children of all ages to learn about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Our tranquil site is also home to many animals. During your time here you can visit Waffle the donkey, who never tires of his time in the spotlight. The horses will be friends for life once you’ve given them a treat, and the team of doggies love to help show off the ranch!
  Our secret garden provides a place of peace and inspiration for our school tours.  We are happy to host students ranging from pre-school to the collegiate level.  We are community driven with the goal of building sustainable, “farm to fork” collaborations in Malibu and to develop an understanding of health and environmental stewardship.