Farm Boxes Made to Order. Our farm boxes are now available, ready-made for your home. Yummy salad mixes, vegetables & seasonal herb blends. Customized for your palette. Easy to harvest right outside your door. Great gifts for those who would prefer to have their seeds sown and ready to eat. Constructed of aged silver pine frame, lined with redwood to protect your produce, and stamped with authentic iron branding, these boxes are garden art unto themselves. Nourished with our Super(ior) Soil which is made on the ranch, using only the purest ingredients, such as dairy cow manure... breeding cows, revered in India, have unparalleled digestive systems that create nutrient-filled manure used as a compost base. Woven into the mix is alfalfa -- deeply rooted, it brings vital minerals and nutrients. Homeopathic preparations such as yarrow, chamomile, stinging nettle, oak bark, dandelions, horsetail and valerian flowers are layered in, making it healing and transformative. Chemical free. Additive free. Hormone free. Pesticide free. Using this soil guarantees sowing the most delicious, wholesome harvests, fresh for the picking outside your door.
   We keep a few boxes made up with our favorite things! If you’d like a customized box please allow a two week lead time for your order. (Please note vegetable boxes tend to take longer than herbs, salad mixes, and greens.) Custom boxes are subject to seasonality and stock, but we will do everything we can to get you just what you are looking for. Please click here for a complete seasonal list of plants, sizing options, and prices. Boxes also come in kit form, included you will receive our One Gun branded box, soil, a one gun watering can, seeds, and care instructions.
   You can place your order over the phone 310.456.3810
   Or Download our order form here and Fax to 310.456.6858 | Or email to info@1gunranch.com