Five horses, a donkey, three goats, six sheep, 3 alpacas, 2 pigs, 11 dogs, and 1 toucan make their home at the ranch. Our horses, Buckshot, Freddy, Sequoia, Achilles and Riffle love their home and are free to roam in wide-open spaces. Waffle the donkey could nibble all day if he had his way. A yo-yo dieter, once he takes off the weight he seems to put it right back on. Lady Gaga, a superstar in the goat world, is settling into retirement from show business now that she's at the ranch. Our dogs, Ossian, Boo, Rattle, Dr.Watson, Woodstock, and Snoopy (to name a few) protect the land, roll in the dirt, and beg for food when our ranch team eats lunch together every.
  If the animals are not on the ranch, they are off with our team getting their daily exercise hiking through the beautiful trails that surround us.  Waffle has a demanding schedule touring local special events and farmers markets.
    The sheep and goats are a big help with our waste management program by enjoying bits of veggies or wilted salads.  This also allows us to be able to return everything back to the supersoil.  The closed loop farming is a cornerstone of biodynamics and we love that our animals get to be part of the process.